A play activist, Ruttikorn Vuttikorn, is an industrial design graduate and has been into toy design ever since. She strongly believes that every child should have equality in the accessibility of quality play. That's why she has never limited her job only in designing toys & games, but also include play training as her task. She works both in Thailand and abroad collaborating with different partners in order to achieve her goal.
In 2008, Ruttikorn took on a fresh challenge by collaborating with different organisations designing games that educate children to understand and solve different problems, i.e. environmental, social, and political problems. She does believe children are our future and they have the power to change society for the better. Our job is just empower them by using the right tools called "quality play".
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Disaster Education Workshop, Nepal
Ruttikorn and Nagata, a Japanese disaster education expert, had conducted a workshop with teachers in Nepal. The results are 9 localised games and activities about disaster preparedness.
"SIM Democracy" game
The "SIM Democracy" game was selected as one of 20 best practices in the World Forum for Democracy 2014, Strabourg, France
BBL Toy (Brain-based Learning Toy)
Ruttikorn was invited as a committee in Brain-based Learning toy workshop organised by Office of Knowledge Management and Development Thailand.
Globalization Thailand through Innovation 2012
Ruttikorn and 3 guess speakers from 3 different innovative businesses talked under the topic Inspiring & Fostering Innovation for SMEs.
Shuffle Game
Collaborated with Plus Arts, Japan, an expert in disaster education thru game play, Shuffle game was developed from earthquake to flood education to suit Thai problem.